“Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Kobe Lee” Part 8 – HOT! Kobe Dominates & Puts Christina Out Multiple Times!

Continued from the last episode! NOTE: THIS IS THE FULL SCENE, UNCUT! The sexy dom battle between these two sex kittens Christina Carter and Kobe Lee (both in just suntan pantyhose) continues on! Christina has been in charge, as she’s worshiping Kobe’s helpless body on the bed. But as we see, Kobe isn’t so helpless, as she finds a special item nearby (while the unsuspecting Christina continues to enjoy her body, unaware). With a devilish little look, Kobe ambushes Christina, putting her out after a struggle. Now Kobe is in charge, and she’s going to enjoy playing with Christina’s helpless body! Kobe keeps Christina nice and helpless (4 times total in this clip!), as she has her way with Christina while she’s out. For full details and photo set, please see my web site!

Download full 11-minute clip!


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