0302 – O-girl: Stiff Reception – Parts 1 & 2 of 3

0302 - O-girl: Stiff Reception - Parts 1 & 2 of 3Lady Felina (Diana Knight) is lounging in her lair when O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives. Unfortunately, for O-girl, Lady Felina has been expecting her. O-girl walks through a trip wire and is engulfed in a noxious gas. Within seconds her arms are pulled into her sides and she stiffens up, unable to move. Lady Felina pulls O-girl down into her lap and explains to the writhing form that she has been exposed to her patented paralyzing gas. O-girl awakens to find herself strapped down to a slab in Lady Felina’s lab. Unable to move, O-girl is helpless as Lady Felina brings her to orgasm with a large vibrator. Continued in clip #316

640 x 480

Download full 10-minute clip!


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