MEGAN's CRUEL WORKOUTMegan can’t go to the gym because it’s closed for renovations & decides to make this loser “help her with her workout”.. So she makes him spread his legs apart to kick 1 Field Goal Right After the Next – WITH HIS NUTS!.. She kicks him in the balls til he can’t stand up anymore & then wraps him in plastic (off camera) leaving his broken nuts out & isolated for her to ABUSE.. Megan Steps ALL OVER his balls FULL WEIGHT & CRUSHES them.. She ties them up with a resistance band & puts her foot down & pulls them up into her hard bare heel as she’s stepping down & CRUSHING them! Then She decides to see IF she can “bring them back to life” with her pretty feet.. “Looks like there’s not much left down here” Megan tells him as she plays with his lifeless cock & balls with her pretty barefoot.. Megan FIRMLY plants her HARD barefoot heel down right in the center of BOTH his nuts & pushes down HARD – thrusting her barefoot forward til She’s Squished Out EVERY LAST DROP of Cum!! ( HD 1440 x 1080 / Re-Release )

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Telling a Girl to Kick

Telling a Girl to KickDoes he Deserve a Good swift kick Where it hurts?.. Most guys do every once & awhile! So here’s what to do IF you Decide to kick him.. Go get a pair of your favorite high heel boots & Follow My Instructions… ( 640 x 480 / Re-Release )

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Andrea Rosu – The Mistress Returns (Pt.2)

Andrea Rosu - The Mistress Returns (Pt.2)[More of the mistress Andrea Rosu, becoming a submissive toy] Andrea, seemed to be happy about her change in situation, as this gave her a chance to show off her pet like habits, she assumed the all fours position, as I placed the heavier posture collar about her neck, and gave her a few warming slaps upon her ripe bottom. Placing the Bit gag back between her teeth, I cinched it up to a snug fitting position. As I completed the over the head bind upon her. This position is doubly tormenting for someone as sensitive as Andrea is to a good tickling. She did seem to know what was coming her way, as she kept her eyes moving all over herself. With Andrea, now on her side, it was time to bring back out the slapper crop, and watch as she kept trying to move out of it’s range,……………………………

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CRUSH his BALLS For ME“CRUSH his Balls!” Megan tells her female sub!.. “Anything to Please You Goddess” Elizabeth tells her. “Get down on your knees LOSER. I want to see you kiss her feet!” Megan orders him & then laughs hysterically! Megan tells this loser to lie on the floor & for Elizabeth to remove her pink high heel shoes.. Then Megan orders Elizabeth to STEP on his nuts & CRUSH them.. “STEP STEP” Megan yells as Elizabeth steps on his nuts.. “STOMP those Nuts!” Megan orders her! ( HD 1440 x 1080 / Re-Release )

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