Nikki Brooks – A Long Afternoon (Pt.1)

Nikki Brooks - A Long Afternoon (Pt.1)[Nikki Brooks - During her long afternoon of fetish/bondage] With the crotch rope in place, along with the ball gag, it was time to bring out the Tickler, the feather one to start with, this has become an instant favorite with the models here at Stone Fetish, and Nikki was finding herself enjoying it very much so. Of course with the use of the Tickler there had to be a pain portion, and in this case I brought out the Slapper Crop. Nikki, was trying to adjust to both the softer side, Tickler, and the harder side The Slapper Crop. When I started with her feet, she was swaying back and forth, and enduring as best she was able to do so. Though she normally is a domme, she was quite adapt at learning the submissive training positions which I was introducing her too. The newest position that I have introduced in called the Kitten, and when Nikki assumed that position she was going to be enduring another spanking, this time a hand spanking. Further with her being so sensitive, I was wanting to see how she could handle the end of the leash, along with some of the cotton ropes being brought along her ribs. Of course what would a spanking be without, a little feet tickling,………………

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tease and denial ass worship hot pink faux denim booty shorts

tease and denial ass worship hot pink faux denim booty shorts11:18 HD. This is a tease and denial video for submissive men that love my ass and love how I can use it against them, tease them with it, and even deny them that ass to make them want it even more. I am wearing a sexy pink bralet and hot pink tight spandex faux denim booty shorts. I deny you my ass for 8 full minutes. I talk about how bad you want it, walk off screen and keep talking, making you crave it more. I am so powerful and dominant. I do what I want when I want. After making you wait many minutes finally I give you 3 minutes of ass worship time with my booty short clad ass.

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Lydia’s Ass Captive

Lydia's Ass CaptiveYour world now revolves around Lydia Supremacy’s sexy, round Asian ass. You are now her ass slave, she is your Queen, and your face is her throne. The only purpose in your humiliating slave life is to worship her perfect backside, to be smothered between her big ass cheeks, just a thin layer of latex between your nose and the sweat of her ass crack. xoxo, Cybill Troy

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Chapter Seven – Bringing The Heat (Pt.2)

Chapter Seven - Bringing The Heat (Pt.2)[Kobe Lee - as Red Blaze - SSH Heroine] Things are looking dicey for Red Blaze Red Blaze, awoke with a jolt, as she was feeling a hand upon her thigh, and when her eyes opened she saw the tormentor standing over her. The Computer Geek, laughed slightly when she awoke, and he heard her starting to moan out loudly as she realized that the game had not gone according to plans. She tried her best to roll away from the Computer Geek, but she was unable to get very far, before she was once more rolled back towards the laughing captor. The Computer Geek, tried to place a cloth over Red Blaze’s eyes, to somehow stifle her abilities to draw on her powers, however; the cloth seemed to be melting away, so he decided to shift the focus of the cloth from her eyes to instead using it to cover her mouth. He gave her a couple of playful swats upon her bottom, as next he began to bind the struggling super heroine into a tight and unforgiving hogtie, while also using some of the ropes to bind her toes into the hogtie. Red Blaze, struggling weakly was unable to do much when her toes were added into the cinching binds. Red Blaze, was feeling the full effects of the slumber time juice, and the ropes keeping her nearly helpless, just nearly helpless, as she was soon starting to figure out how to focus just enough of her powers to escape,…………………….. Would this be the end of Red Blaze, or would she escape to continue her hunt for The Kingpin,,………..stay tuned for more

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A Slave’s Devotion

A Slave's DevotionMy slave will prove his devotion to me through a series of punishments. First, he will feel the lash of my single tails against his back and ass, professing his unrequited love for me as I whip him. xoxo, Cybill Troy

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