Lacey/Shelly Lesbian Scene

Lacey/Shelly Lesbian SceneFrom CATFIGHT COVE 2 (JMR-053): Remastered in 640 x 480 WMV Format. LACEY LEGENDS and SHELLY (The “Burbank Bomber”) kiss and make up after an afternoon of fighting! It’s a nude woman-to-woman love scene unlike anything Shelly has ever done before on-camera, as she locks lips with her ultra-busty rival Lacey, and the two big-breasted legends fondle each other’s massive mammaries! A sexy, bare-assed change of pace for the Burbank Bomber!

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Rahyndee James – Various Binds

Rahyndee James - Various Binds[Rahyndee James - Various Binds] Rahyndee, was wanting to show off her ability to withstand a long day of shooting, and I figured that I was going to be putting her through an intense day of different bondage positions. When Rahyndee, started off the binds she was originally wearing a pair of white panties, however; being the silly cat that she is, she hinted at wanting them off, so again who was I to deny her that request. Slipping them off went easily, as I started to prepare the waist cincher, that is always my initial bind since I base so many of the other ropes off of that one. In this case, she was also wearing the red/black training collar, along with the Stone Charm that the models that work with me are given to wear. For Rahyndee, I next added the Silicon Bit gag, again this is a new favorite of the models that work with Stone Fetish, as it fits comfortably, while at the same time allows for the creation of a great deal of drool. Next she has a perfect pair of breasts, so I decided to add in a cinching breast bind,…………enjoy as she slowly moves to her own beat.

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Rahyndee James – Various Binds (Pt.1)

Rahyndee James - Various Binds (Pt.1)[Rahyndee James - On her back breasts bound crotch rope] Rahyndee, was stretched out on her back, with her breasts bound in a harness breast bind, a waist cinching bind, crotch rope, along with her ankles bound all with the black cotton ropes. Next it was time to bind her lower thighs/knees. Before I bound her wrists it was time for her to place her hair into a high ponytail. If there is one thing that she has in abundance is long thick hair. Once Rahyndee had her hair into the ponytail, I was starting to realize that I had actually forgotten to cinch her wrists together, sometimes even a rigger can miss the obvious, however; it did not take very long to make sure that she was unable to use her wrists any longer. There are times that a bondage bind just works out perfectly, in this case her tanned body, red/black training collar along with the black ropes just seemed to be the perfect combination together. As I have started doing with other models, it was time to test Rahyndee’s sensitivity to the ice cubes, and as you will see she certainly had some interesting reactions to the chilly ice,………………..

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Rahyndee James – Various Binds (Pt.2)

Rahyndee James - Various Binds (Pt.2)[Rahyndee James - Various Binds - Trying Ice] Rahyndee, was willing to try anything while she was undergoing the Various Binds, of the day, and in this case I went a little softer, in respect of using the crop or tickler on her, so instead we tried the Ice Cubes, and much like it did when I used them on Nikki Brooks previously, the Ice Cubes brought out a pleasing reaction from Rahyndee. At this point I also added in the leashes both the purple and black ended leashes, which gave Rahyndee a bright shine against her skin as the Ice Cubes, were leaving a trail upon her skin, it was enjoyable to listen to her breathing as the Ice Cubes were doing all they could to keep her moving all over the brown carpet, which I like to call “Ring 0″ After the Ice Cubes, had been put away it was time to return to the bondage, in this case I rolled Rahyndee onto her belly, and started to prepare her for a tight hogtie. She tugged at her toes trying to make the experience even more constricting perhaps the idea of binding her toes would have to come up soon,…………………………..

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Struggling Dame

Struggling DameThis is a hot, hot, steaming hot video. We have 17 minutes of a tightly hogtie bound, gagged and struggling Dutch Dame for you To actually get 17 minutes of bound, gagged and struggling Dame we had to capture one hour long material. That’s right, Dutch Dame was bound and gagged for over an hour and struggling for you. She makes the sweetest noises in her predicament, you will love it. In proper RopeMarks style, a simple hogtie is not enough, around the 45 minutes of being bound and gagged we added a thin rope, pulling Dutch Dame’s head back and tied-off on her toes, *ouch*. This got us another of 15 minutes of a Dutch Dame in a serious predicament This has become one amazing video of a Western style hogtie bondage with Japanese aesthetics, RopeMarks style. Enjoy, The RopeMarks Team

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Solo Compilation 1 – SD

Solo Compilation 1 - SD

This compilation includes four previously released clips:

“Riding My Dildo”
This is an older video, from 2012. I was browsing my files today, and I found it, so I said it’s time to share it with you. In here, I really try to cum, using my white realistic dildo, attached to a RC. I finally ride it hard, till I orgasm.

“West Virginia Slut”
This is a custom clip: “I want you to use your panties as a face mask to cover your face and create me a 5 minutes masturbation video fingering your ass and pussy. And say “Am a west Virginia slut” at the beginning and at least 5 times during the video.”

“The Morning Orgasm”
This is a very amateur-like video, but very genuine too. I wake up one morning, I get horny watching some porn on my laptop and I start to play with my fingers and my Hitachi vibrator. I manage to have a very nice orgasm in the end. Uncut, just a one common morning amateur shot.

“What I Feel When I Touch Myself”
I lay on my back and play with my pussy, telling you in the same time how it Feels down there and What I’m actually doing to my lady-parts.

This is a nice compilation at a great price! Make sure you add it to your collection.

960×540 (encoded from 1080p) – excellent for TV or iPhone; 34:15 min

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Snipping My White Panties – 720p HD

Snipping My White Panties - 720p HDI recommend this version for older devices, which don’t support FullHD, and for slower internet connections.

1280×720 (encoded from 1080p); 10:18 min


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Snipping My White Panties – 1080p HD

Snipping My White Panties - 1080p HD*Custom clip for M.*: “You are wearing only bikini panties (white cotton if possible). You wreck them with a pair of sharp scissors by making little quarter-inch snips. You snip here and there (front and back), especially in the crotch until they are shredded. Make an occasional teasing feint to completely sever the crotch. Then finally do it! Cut one of the hips so they fall off. Hold up the panties, then stretch them across your breasts. Please use a variety of poses, with some good close-ups, but I’d like to see your face in at least half of the video. The tone should be playful and chatty. Thanks!”

1920×1080; 10:18 min


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