PLAYING THOSE MIND GAMES - HDWonder Tomi (Tomiko) gets news that Dixie Comet, who has mind control powers, has escaped from the US Government lab. Now Dixie is living a life of small petty crimes, trying to stay ouf of sight fromt he authorities. Dixie is on the phone talking to the bank, transferring another $50,000 to her bank account. She is unaware that Wonder Tomi is outside watching through the window, Wonder Tomi decides she needs to change into Tomiko Prince so she can ambush the Dixie Comet. She spins and turns into Tomiko Prince. Tomiko Prince knocks on the door and pretends to be a City Official telling Dixie that she has a code violation. Dixie tries to use her mind control powers and make Tomiko forget about the violation and leave, but nothing happens. She is a little confused and then is informed of the true identity. “You must be brought to justice!” Tomiko Prince spins into Wonder Tomi and Dixie with a quick response removes Wonder Tomi’s belt. She is now able to grab Wonder Tomi and control her. Wonder Tomi is pulled upstairs into the bedroom. Dixie uses her mind control and makes Wonder Tomi strip. Dixie strips off her clothes as well. Wonder Tomi is controlled to move onto the bed and she is vibed and fọrcd to have an orgasm. Wonder Tomi is tied up in a spreadeagle and Dixie Comet makes Wonder Tomi want cock. She makes a phone call and men start to line up at the door. The first one is ready and comes in fọrcing Wonder Tomi to give him a blow job (insinuated) which Wonder Tomi in her state is happy to oblige. Will Wonder Tomi be able to take this humiliation. Will she break free from her mind control? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, ROBOTS, ORGASMS, FỌRCD ORGASM. LIGHT BONDAGE, MIND CONTROLLED, FỌRCD STRIPPING, STRIP TEASE, DOMINATION, DILDO, STRAP-ON, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTE, HIGH HEELS, BOOT FETISH, PANTYHOSE

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Dyna-Girl’s Demise

Dyna-Girl's DemiseCatwoman, Christina Carter is up to her old tricks and has baited the young, innocent Dyna-Girl, Kobe Lee into her trap with the goalof stealing the Crime-scope computer . At the promise of a hot news scoop Judy aka Dyna-Girl is instructed to meet an informant at the Pier 69 warehouse. She decides to go to the meeting alone and without the help of her crime stopping partner Electra-Woman. Catwoman is waiting and the fight is on! This clip contains: female domination, female fighting, low blows, damsel-in-distress, costume and pantyhose removal, arms over head restraint, power-hold, fọrcd orgasm (clothed and nude), struggle and a ball gag.

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MOXIE GETS WONDER TOMI - HDGangster Mom, Moxie (Whitney Morgan) knows Tomiko Prince has connections to Wonder Tomi. She poses as a makeup sales woman. She has makeup that will bend Tomiko Prince’s mind and she will be able to be ambushed. Moxie gets Tomko Prince to try the makeup. Tomiko Prince becomes mind controlled by the lipstick she has put on her lips. Moxie asks questions about what Tomiko is doing and Tomiko admits that she is Wonder Tomi. Moxie tells her to transform and Tomiko spins and changes into Wonder Tomi. She is under Moxie’s control. She makes her suck on a dildo strap on. She has tamed Wonder Tomi and she has cameras set up so that she has balckmail material that will certainly ruin Wonder Tomi’s reputation if she ever needs it. Wonder Tomi is tamed and controlled and will do anything that Moxie wants her to do. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, FỌRCD STRIPPING, ROBOTS, STRAP-ON, DILDO, BLOW JOB, EFFECTS, BOOT FETISH, MIND CONTROL, HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, PANTYHOSE, BLONDES

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PUSSY WOMAN'S EXPERIMENTATION - MOVDr. Dixie Comet calls Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) to come and meet her. Among some of the devices she invented, she wanted to show her this new serum that could possibly help cure various diseases. Dixie decides to try a little taste. Things start to feel funny. She starts to shake and smoke comes out of her pores. There is an electric current around her face. She transforms into an alter ego…Pussy Woman. This Pussy is up to know good and sees all the devices and decides she will use them in her favor. She can create an army with these devices and then all the city has to offer will be hers. First, she needs to get Wonder Tomi out of the way. Wonder Tomi arrives and immediately suspects wrong doing. Pussy Woman doesn’t give her much time to react. She freezes her with her gadget and slowly starts removing items of her costume as well as posing her. She unfreezes her to play a game with her. Wonder Tomi is not amused and each time she tries to lunge, she is frozen again, played with and more costume pieces are removed. Pussy Woman sees the syringe after growing tired of the freeze game and sticks Wonder Tomi in the ass. The stuff in the syringe combined with a vibrator device that sends electric currents throughout Wonder Tomi’s body and an orgasm as a bonus…..changes Wonder Tomi into a mind controlled robot. Wonder Tomi is ordered to do things…to touch herself and walk. She does so but then gets overloaded and starts to malfunction. She snaps back and reboots. Pussy Woman backs her back into the wall and shuts her down for future use. Is Wonder Tomi destined to be a play toy for Pussy Woman? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, VIBRATOR, ORGASM, ROBOTS, FREEZE, HUMILIATION, FỌRCD STRIPPING, EFFECTS, FONDLING, TRANSFORMATION, BRUNETTES, ASIAN, JAPANESE

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THE DOLL MAKERS KISS - MOVThe Doll Maker (Tomiko) has the ability to turn a person into a life size doll if she kisses them on the lips for more than 10 seconds. The victim will shudder and become a doll. They are able to be posed and played with if it is her fancy to do so. Torta (Sinn Sage) and Robyn (AnnaBelle Lee) suspect that the disapperance of all these girls have something to do with the Doll Maker. They find her hideout and they split up to find her. The Doll Maker is one step ahead of them. She sneaks up behind Torta and gives her the rag. She falls to the ground and Doll Maker starts to give her a kiss. She is distracted and doesn’t hear Robyn coming up. Robyn confronts her and there is a fight, but the Doll Maker is able to gain control with her kiss. Robyn turns into a doll. She carries her away and leaves a note for Torta…kind of playing a game with her. Torta shows up to the new location and has a pill to help Robyn break out of her doll like state. She puts it in her mouth and kisses her to blow it down her throat. She doesn’t see the Doll Maker who then gives her, Torta, a kiss. Torta turns into a doll. Robyn breaks out of her spell and K’s Doll Maker from behind. With Doll Maker out on the floor she uses the pill to kiss down Torta’s throat and cure her. Robyn doesn’t see Doll Maker wake up and she surprises her from behind with another kiss. Torta Breaks out of her spell and gets a kiss. It looks like there are two super dolls. Doll Maker thinks she can make some money at an auction rather than just keeping them for herself. This will make her a ton of money. FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, BOOT FETISH, CATSUIT, MASKS, COSTUMES, DOLL FETISH, FREEZE, k’S, KISSING, LIFT AND CARRY, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, REDHEADS

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Cat’s-Eye Diamond 4

Cat’s-Eye Diamond 4Christina Carter Productions continues to delivers the best super-heroine peril/bondage videos in the fetish genre. In the Cat’s-Eye Diamond 4 parody series super-heroines continue to go missing. Black Cat (Christina Carter) approaches Dagger (Aaliyah Love) of Cloak and Dagger about the missing heroines. With all signs pointing to Cat Woman’s lair, Black Cat stealthily decides to investigate. She finds Electra Woman (Randy Moore) and Dyna-Girl (Lola Foxx) entranced by the mysterious Cat’s-Eye Diamond. Black Cat falls under the gem’s spell and is soon plotting with Electra Woman and Dyna-Girl to add Dagger to the growing number of super-heroines already under Cat Woman’s control. The clip features: authentic super-heroine costumes, mind control, dancing, stripping, girl-girl, kissing, fondling, oral sex, 4-girl sex orgy, double ended dildo play, fọrcd orgasm, bondage, masturbation and tribadism. Don’t miss Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Cat’s-Eye Diamond parody series. And stay tuned because part 5 is already in the works. Runtime is 45 minutes.

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“Wonder Womyn’s Biggest Fan” Complete Edition – 80+ Minute Movie Feat. Hollywood & Tomiko!

Hey folks – here is one of my VERY early girl-girl movies I filmed back in early 2008. This series was originally a 6-part series that had limited release in my store, but hasn’t been available for a long, long time, and never available complete (nor is it available in parts). A couple WW fans asked if I could edit it together and release it as a complete movie, which I’m doing here, for a special low price. If you’ve never seen the series before (which many of you may not have), here is the perfect chance to get it. This movie follows up on the “Jungle Womyn’s Biggest Fan” series, where psycho woman Tomiko captured and tormented Jungle Womyn, until she revealed information about Wonder Womyn. Now Tomiko has laid a trap for Wonder Womyn! WW arrives, searching for JW, but finds herself ambushed by Tomiko. Tomiko captures her, and begins a long session of torment for the sexy superheroine. WW is stripped of her magic belt and boots, as well as made helpless over and over again by Tomiko. In between making her helpless, we see Tomiko kiss/worship WW’s sexy nylon feet. After she’s had her fun, she brings WW to a table, where she’s laid out and worshiped and made helpless. Eventually WW is bound, and later even cleave gagged. WW’s sexy nylon feet seem to be the target of Tomiko, as she’s both worshiped and tickled. After a long time on the table, WW is brought back to the bed. More torment in store, but she resists and is able to capture Tomiko. Turning the tables on psycho woman Tomiko, we see WW have some of her own fun, tickling (and yes, even a little bit of kissing foot worship). But her “revenge” is short lived, as Tomiko is able to get control again, and from here on out, WW is her plaything. WW is bound on the bed, tickled and teased and worshiped, and we see Tomiko’s psychotic behavior start to come to life. THERE IS A LOT GOING ON IN THIS MOVIE, TOO MUCH FOR A DESCRIPTION DUE TO ITS 80 MINUTE LENGTH. PLEASE SEE MY WEB SITE FOR PHOTO SET!

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